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Benjamin Tzvi Glass

Benjamin Tzvi Glass was born in Mogilev-Podolsky, Venitsya, Ukraine.

Mogilev-Podolsky lies on the border with Moldova, along the Dniester River.

See on Google Maps here.

JewishGen has created a shtetl page with information and photographs, here.

This valuable information was discovered when I came across an old cameo on cardboard in my great-uncle Joe’s photographs.

A Russian friend in my Oxford college was kind enough to translate the photographer’s text:

Artistic Photography by G. Wasserman, ex-member of Paris National Academy. Mogilev-Podolsk. Agricultural and Commercial and Manufacturing. Negatives are stored to reprint orders. No. of the negative___year
Therefore, I was able to conclude that Aaron, Benjamin Tzvi’s son, whose draft card listed his place of birth as “Mogilev, Russia”, was born in Mogilev-Podolsky, Ukraine.

With the information I found at The Museum of Family History, this is a cameo that was likely printed in the 1870s-80s. (Though I haven’t found information to support this hunch, I am actually wondering if it wasn’t taken a bit later, considering the location of Mogilev-Podolsky.) As such, I assume that this is a picture of Aaron’s mother, Benjamin Tzvi’s wife, although there is a chance this could be a picture of Aaron’s sister, if he had one.


Sara Frieda Glass [Batter]

Sara Frieda Glass was born to Lena Belle Betman and Aaron Glass on 15 July 1926 in New Haven, CT. She married Irwin Batter on 24 August 1947 in New Haven, CT (age 21). They had four children together. They divorced 25 May 1976, though they had been separated long before that. Sarah completed her degree at Southern Connecticut State University, and worked as the department secretary in the Yale Department of Psychology, providing guidance for many graduate students. Sarah passed away 7 July 2003 in Woodbridge, CT, of pancreatic cancer.   Yahrzeit Information: 7 Tammuz 5763, Sara bat Leah

Lena Belle {Leah} Betman [Glass]

Lena Belle Betman was born in the state of Venitsya, Ukraine, to Rose and Jacob Betman on 15 August 1902.

She emigrated to New Haven, CT in 1912 with her parents and siblings.

Sometime between 1920-1922 she married Aaron Glass in New Haven.

Lena died on 29 August 1972 in New Haven, CT, and is buried in the Orchard Street Synagogue cemetery.


Yahrzeit Information: 19 Elul 5732, Leah bat Rachel.


Aaron Glass

Born 20 May 1888 in Mogilev-Podolski, in the state of Venitsya, in Ukraine, to Benjamin Tzvi Glass.

Previously stated that he likely emigrated to the United States, directly to New Haven, in 1922 (age 34), according to the U. S. Federal Census of 1930.

However, this is impossible. Thanks to Paul Glass, I have a photo of Aaron’s enrolment at the University of Oklahoma College of Arts and Sciences, in Pre-Medical School, for his Freshman Fall semester in 1917-18, with an expected B.S. in 1921. He planned on taking English 1, Chemistry 3, Physics 1, and switched out of Geography 1 into German 3, likely to fulfil a foreign language requirement. He also had a single credit hour listed in something that looks like ‘Mil Sr’, and so it is possible that Aaron could have been ROTC if such a program existed prior to American involvement in WWI.

This suggests that Aaron had been in the United States prior to 1917, possibly for many more years, in order to have enough of a command of English to enrol in the university.

The question remains as to what Aaron was doing in Oklahoma.

Married Lena Belle Betman in New Haven.

He practised medicine in New Haven, often on the barter system because people couldn’t pay him. Therefore, the family always had plenty to eat, but they were not wealthy.


  • Benjamin (born¬† 15 May 1923, died 21 July 1943 of complications from what was diagnosed then as Stills Disease, but would likely have been diagnosed today as systemic onset juvenile idiopathic arthritis)
  • Joseph (born 10 March 1925, died 2 March 2006 of stomach cancer)
  • Sara
  • Herman (born 12 August 1927, died 25 April 1995)

Aaron died on 2 August 1943, 12 days after the passing of Benjamin.

Benjamin’s Yahrzeit: 18 Tamuz 5703, Binyamin ben Leah

Yahrzeit Info (Aaron): 1 Av 5703, Aharon ben Binyamin

Herman’s Yahrzeit: 25 Nissan 5755, Herman ben Leah

Joseph’s Yahrzeit: 2 Adar 5776, Yosef ben Leah (In a leap year observe on 2 Adar I and on 2 Adar II)

Aaron Glass's WWII Draft Card

Aaron Glass’s WWII Draft Card