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Alta Rich [Fuller] (Warren)

Alta Rich was born in Chelsea, MA, on 7 January, 1882, to Nettie Rich, out of wedlock, when her mother was barely 14.

I have been unable to find any information about the father. On her marriage license, he is listed as a Ralph Chapman, but there seems to be little evidence that he could possibly be her actual father. Rather, it seems he may be the man whom Nettie ultimately married (see her entry).

By 18, Alta was working as a servant in the home of Fred and Bessie Hussy, and their daughter Margaret, in Danvers, MA at the time of the 1900 Federal Census.

Alta married Edward Kirby Fuller, Jr. on 6 April, 1901, in Chelsea, MA.

They had three children together while living in Somerville, MA: Chester M. Fuller (born 1902), Charles R. Fuller (born 1904) and Alta Marguerite Fuller. They were still living together in 1910.

Sometime between 1910 and 1917, Alta (Rich) left Edward Fuller, taking Alta (Fuller) with her, but leaving the two boys in his care.

She never formally divorced Edward Fuller, but lived with Leon Warren as his wife, taking his name, for the next several decades. Leon Warren was born in Hopkinton, MA in 1895 (13 years Alta’s junior!) to Mary Grace and Fred Warren. By 1917 when he registered for the WWI draft, he and Alta were living in New Haven, CT, at 1552 State Street, and he was working as a locomotive fireman for the New York, New Haven, and Hartford Railroad. (He was exempt from the draft due to being a ‘railroad man’.) By the 1930 Federal Census, Alta (working as a housekeeper in a boarding house) and Leon Warren (still working as a fireman) are listed next to her daughter Alta and her new husband, Louis Gregory Munro, at Pine Rock Avenue, in Hamden, CT.

It is unclear when Leon Warren left Alta. Bruce and Kirby had no memory of him being in the picture at all in their childhoods. Whatever happened, he married Rose Gertrude Rauch of Litchfield, CT in 1939 in Lackawanna, PE. She had three daughters to bring to the marriage, Loretta, Vera, and Marie. They continued living at Pine Rock Avenue in Hamden, and eventually Leon passed away in Middletown, CT, in 1970.

Alta lived in the New Haven area for the rest of her life, sometimes living independently and sometimes living with Alta and her husband Gregory and their family.

At the very end of her life, she needed to be put into a nursing home, and passed away within less than three months of moving in. She died 1 January, 1958, in Naugatuck, CT. She is listed on her death certificate as widowed, with her husband’s name listed as Leon.


Alta Marguerite Fuller (Warren) [Munro]

Sometimes also referred to as Alta Warren before her marriage.

Born 21 February, 1906, to Edward Kirby Fuller, Jr. and Alta Rich, in Chelsea, MA.

She had two older brothers.

At some point after 1910, her mother left Mr. Fuller, and took Alta with her, leaving the boys with their father. Alta’s mother later took up with a man named Warren, and so Alta Fuller went by Alta Warren sometimes to avoid scandal.

Alta attended Hartford Hospital School of Nursing and became a registered nurse in 1928. She married Louis Gregory Munro in 1928, a month before finishing her nursing certification, and so they had to keep it a secret. They settled in New Haven, CT.

After the war, which you can read about on L. Gregory’s page, Alta went to King’s County Hospital in Brooklyn in 1946 to help during a polio epidemic.

Around 1950, she started working at Yale Psychiatric Institute, and eventually became head nurse, from which she retired after 20 years.

Alta then worked as a private nurse and companion for Mrs. Julia Kingsbury (born 1896) in Hamden, CT, until Mrs. Kingsbury passed away in 1989. Alta didn’t live with her, but she did occasionally stay over, once she went on a cruise with Mrs. Kingsbury.

Alta organised many of the Bethany Senior Center’s vacations and cruises throughout the ’80s and ’90s, with the help of her daughter, Kirby, who was working as a travel agent at the time.

The family threw a 90th birthday bash for Alta in 1996, and it was well attended by her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

She gave up her driver’s license (under duress) at the age of 91, and moved into a retirement home in Woodbridge, CT, at the age of 92. After winning a game of Yahtzee the evening before, Alta passed away peacefully in her sleep in the early morning of 6 March, 2004, in Woodbridge, CT.

Jacques (Jan) Mahieu

Born 1559 in Coulon, Yonne, Bourgogne, France to French Walloon Protestants, who fled to Canterbury, Kent, England at some point before 1580.

Married Jeanne Lemam shortly before 1580 in Canterbury, Kent, England.


  • Marie (1580) Lannoy
  • Antoine (1581)
  • Hester (1585)
  • Jenne (1587)

Died in Leiden, Holland in 1603 (age 44) and is buried there in the Pieterskerk Cemetery.