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Julia Mariah McDonough [Fanning]

Julia Mariah McDonough was born around 1835 somewhere in Tipperary, Ireland.

She married Joseph Fanning.

There is no information available concerning her death.


Joseph Fanning

Joseph Fanning was born around 1828 somewhere in Tipperary, Ireland.

He married Julia Mariah McDonough.

They had nine children born in New Haven:

  • Michael H. (1859)
  • Joseph D. (1861)
  • William A. (1863)
  • Julia
  • Catherine (1867)
  • James E. (1868)
  • Daniel (1870)
  • Annie (1872)
  • John D. (1874)

There is no death information available for Joseph Fanning.

Julia Fanning [Munro]

Julia Fanning was born around 1865 in New Haven, CT, to Julia Mariah McDonough and Joseph Fanning.

She married Joseph Munro sometime around 1890.

In 1940, she was still alive and living in her son Gregory‘s house in New Haven; there is no information available about her death.