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Sara Frieda Glass [Batter]

Sara Frieda Glass was born to Lena Belle Betman and Aaron Glass on 15 July 1926 in New Haven, CT. She married Irwin Batter on 24 August 1947 in New Haven, CT (age 21). They had four children together. They divorced 25 May 1976, though they had been separated long before that. Sarah completed her degree at Southern Connecticut State University, and worked as the department secretary in the Yale Department of Psychology, providing guidance for many graduate students. Sarah passed away 7 July 2003 in Woodbridge, CT, of pancreatic cancer.   Yahrzeit Information: 7 Tammuz 5763, Sara bat Leah


Irwin Batter

Born 6 July 1925 to Marion (Zimmermann) and Samuel Batter in New Haven, CT.

Married Sarah Glass on 24 August 1947 in New Haven, CT (age 22).

Children with Sarah:

  • Niki (2 October 1949) Ray Dobbs
  • ANONYMOUS DAUGHTER (Identity protected)
  • Laurie (8 November 1952)
  • Lynda (17 September 1954) G. Bruce Munro

Divorced from Sarah 25 May 1976.

Married Elaine Brainerd Leotti ?, who died 5 September 1993, of cancer.

Irwin is still alive, and living in southern California.

Samuel Batter

Born 28 July 1900 in New Haven, CT to Jennie {Golde} Kravet and Morris {Moshe} Batter, he was the third of eleven surviving children.

On 16 January 1923 (age 22) he took a trip to Key West, Florida.

Married Marion Zimmermann 12 January 1924 (age 23) in New Haven, CT.


  • Irwin Levian (1925)
  • Morris King (1931)

On 16 December 1938, he returned from a trip to Hamilton, Bermuda.

By 1962 (age 62), he and Marion were living at 880 Racebrook Road, in Orange, CT.

Died 23 September 1964 (age 64) in Orange, CT, buried in New Haven, CT (according to the U.S. Find-a-Grave Index).

Yahrzeit Info: 17 Tishrei 5725, Shmuel ben Golde


Jennie {Golde} Kravet [Batter]

Born 22 October 1877 in “Russia” (see note in husband’s entry).

Possibly arrived in New Haven, CT in 1891 (age 13) (according to the 1900 U.S. Federal Census).

Married Morris {Moshe} Batter in 1896 (age 18).

Possibly took a trip to France in 1935 (age 56).

In winter 1935 (age 57), Jennie was picked up by the Florida State Census living in Dade County with her two youngest children, Janice and Lucille, both 17 at the time. It’s possible that there was a second home in Florida; they definitely continued living in Connecticut at the time.

Died 6 September 1969 (age 90) in Milford, CT, and is buried in the Jewett Street Cemetery, Congregation B’nai Jacob portion.

Yahrzeit Info: 23 Elul 5729, Golde bat Kravet


Ethe {Aytah Yachnah} [Batter]

Born around 1834 in “Russia” (see son‘s entry) to R’ (equivalent to “Mr.”) Yisrael Eliezer.

Married Barnie {Dov Baer} Batter.

Died 2 August 1905 (age 71) in New Haven, CT, buried in the Orchard Street Shul Cemetery in East Haven, CT.

Translation of inscription:

A respected woman Mrs. Aytah Yachnah Batter daughter of R’ Yisrael Eliezer died on Rosh Chodesh Av 5665. She was 71 years old.

Yahrzeit Info: Rosh Chodesh Av 5665, Aytah Yachnah bat Yisrael Eliezer


Barnie {Dov Baer} Batter

Born around 1823 in “Russia” (see son’s entry) to Isaac “the Levi” Batter.

Married Ethe {Aytah Yachnah}.

He likely immigrated to New Haven, CT with his wife and son in 1881.


Died 18 November 1895 in New Haven, CT, buried in the Orchard Street Shul Cemetery in East Haven, CT.

Translation of inscription:

A simple man who was upright and went on the path of righteousness and did acts of charity for all the days of his life.

The dear Dov Baer son of Isaac the Levi  Batter died and was buried at the good age of 72  on Rosh Chodesh Kislev in the year 5656.

Yahrzeit Info: Rosh Chodesh Kislev 5656, Dov Baer bar Yitzhak