A Very Narrow Bridge began when I signed up for the January 2015 Poland Trip with the Pardes Institute for Jewish Studies in conjunction with Heritage Seminars. I was tasked with searching for as much genealogical information about my Jewish (maternal) side of the family as I could possibly find. I had little hope, and indeed the search has sometimes been frustrating and full of despair.

Shortly after my journey to Poland, my parents, brother, and cousins decided to plan a once in a lifetime trip to Scotland in summer 2015 to explore our family roots. Already engaged in the research process because of Poland, I decided to expand my search to the paternal side of my family and see what I could find.

The results continue to be astounding. I have discovered ancestors in nineteenth century shtetls in Belarus and Germany; farming in crofts of the 19th century northern highlands of Scotland; fighting in the American War for Independence; signing the Mayflower Compact; persecuted for Walloon Protestantism in 16th century France; knighted and landed in 16th century London. The earliest date to appear thus far on my family tree is 1450.

This site is structured by family name, and is meant to be easily navigated by following specific families generation by generation. Each link can bring you farther and farther back in time, forever branching outwards. Unfortunately, the tree is too large to be able to be represented visually on this website. However, if you are a relative, at some point my tree on Ancestry.com will become accessible as a read-only interactive document; please contact me for that information.

Briefly, I am Heather Munro, daughter of Lynda Batter and G. Bruce Munro. I was born in New Haven, CT, in the USA, but I now live in the United Kingdom, where I am working on a doctorate in Anthropology.

Please enjoy A Very Narrow Bridge. I hope that it can be of use to you in your own research. If you have any comments or questions please don’t hesitate to comment on any of the posts.


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