A Note About Format

The titles of posts are people’s names.

  • Men’s names appear as normal.
    • e.g. John Doe
  • Women’s names appear with their maiden name, married name in brackets.
    • e.g. Jane Smith [Doe]
  • Variations on the spelling of given names are provided in parentheses.
    • e.g. John (Johan) Doe
  • Hebrew names are given in fancy brackets.
    • e.g. John {Yaakov} Doe

Children are listed under the father.

When listing children, first names only are used. Date of birth is given if available. Date of death is only listed within the list of children in special circumstances, such as on the Mayflower entries. For female children who are not direct descendants, the name of their husband(s), if known, is provided in italics.

  • e.g. female child (1900) family name of spouse

The direct descendent child’s name will be a hotlink, allowing the user to click on the name to bring up the full entry. Parents names will also be hotlinks, thus linking family lines in chains.

For Jewish family members, the yahrzeit is provided in italics at the bottom of the entry whenever known. A complete list of yahrzeit dates can be found here.


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