Archelaus (Asa) Smith

Archelaus, also known as Asa, Smith, was born in 1751 in Truro, MA, on Cape Cod.

He was a mariner.

On the 15th of March, 1775, he married Sarah Doane Hopkins in Welfleet.

They had the following children together who survived past infancy:

  • Ephraim (born 5 April 1779, died 1795 at sea)
  • Archelaus (born 3 June 1781, died 7 May 1853 in Truro)
  • Thomas (born 5 August 1787, died 1795 at sea)
  • Samuel Hopkins Smith
  • Sally Smith (born 21 April 1793)

Sometime in 1795, when Archelaus was 43, he was at sea with Ephraim, aged 16, and Thomas, aged 8, and they were lost at sea.

They share a headstone commemoration in the Old North Cemetery in Truro.


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