James Munro (II)

Born 26 July 1799 to James Munro and Anne Taylor in Tarbat, Ross and Cromarty, Scotland.

He married Mary Hall, and they had eight surviving children:

  • John (1820)
  • Hugh (1822)
  • Donald (1825-1894 in Marshy Hope, Nova Scotia)
  • William (1827)
  • Ann (1829)
  • Marjory (1829)
  • Duncan Taylor
  • James A. (1839-1902 in Nova Scotia)

There is no available information on his death, but it is assumed he passed away in Pictou, Nova Scotia.


5 thoughts on “James Munro (II)

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  5. Vicky Munro

    I’ve seen James Munro, born in 1799, married to Mary Hall as having James Munro and Anne Taylor for his parents which makes sense given the name Duncan Taylor Munro. I am descended from James A. Munro (1839-1902).



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