Louis Gregory Munro

Louis Gregory Munro was born 15 August 1903 in New Haven, CT, to Julia Fanning and Joseph King Munro.

L. Gregory left school in 8th grade, and became a cabin boy on sea-going vessels.

It seems he possibly joined the US army in the Phillipines sometime after WWI, because he told the story of learning to drive there. Evidently, they were looking for a volunteer to drive an ambulance, and he lied and said he could, and learned to drive on the job.

He married Alta Marguerite Fuller in 1928 and they had 2 children:

  • Sometime around 1930-1, they lost a baby boy when Alta fell ill with septicaemia
  • Alta Kirby (born 10 January 1932 in New Haven; died in 2007 in Litchfield, New Hampshire)
  • Gregory Bruce (born 22 December 1934, living)

The family moved to Cleveland, OH, during WWII while L. Gregory worked as an inspector for Pratt and Witney at Alcoa Aluminum factory, where they made castings for Pratt and Witney engines, for the duration of the war.

After, they moved back to the New Haven area, to Russell Street in New Haven. He left Pratt and Witney, and worked at Alling Rubber Tire factory for a year, which was a terribly physically demanding job. Then he got a job at Carroll’s Cut Rate liquor store as a manager, in Allingtown, West Haven.

Then they inherited a small plot of land in Bethany, CT, from Alta’s mother Alta Rich, and Greg and Bruce built a house for the family over the summer of 1947. He became a salesman for Rheingold beer, travelling a territory in Connecticut.

At the age of 58, in 1961, he retired due to poor health.

Greg died 5 May 1967 in Yale New Haven Hospital of complications from emphysema. He is buried in Beaverdale Cemetary.


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