Jacob Betman

Jacob Betman was born somewhere in “Russia” in 1871 to Mordechai and Isa Betman.

He married Rose sometime before 1902, and they had 3 surviving children:

  • Lena
  • Morris (born 1903)
  • Abraham (born 1910)

In 1912 the family emigrated to New Haven, CT.

The Betmans owned the Paramount Fruit Market on Whalley Avenue in New Haven.

The youngest son, Abraham, continued the business for much of the 20th century, and is remembered fondly by many as ‘Uncle Abe.’

Jacob died 9 April 1938 in New Haven, CT.


Yahrzeit Information: 8 Nissan 5698, Yakob ben Isa



3 thoughts on “Jacob Betman

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  3. prswimstar

    Wow So after all these years, we learn the fruit market was in our family and that Uncle Abe really was a relative! I don’t understand why Mommy never told us this. Stranger than fiction Thank you Heather!



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