Correspondence from Germany

On 11 March, Miriam from the Tourism Office in Gedern wrote to me with the following information:

These are the results from Mr. Bartikowski so far:

There is a well readable tombstone in Ober-Seemen of Mr. Koppel Zimmermann. According to his birth certificate he is born on 2nd April 1844 in the house with the number 145. There is nothing written concerning marriage or birth of any children. Mr. Zimmermann died on 7th June 1927 in Ober-Seemen.

Mr. Bartikowski could find out following information about Koppel Zimmermanns parents:
His father Nathan Zimmermann, aged 27, married Götig, 25 years old on 18th  March 1837. Her maiden name was Marx and she came from Langenselbold (around 35 km distant to Gedern). Her father’s name was Koppel Marx.
These information is to be seen in the certificate of marriage of Nathan Zimmermann.

Nathan Zimmermann’s gravestone merely shows his name, the rest of the inscription disappeared.

Regards from Mr. Bartikowski

On Sunday, after the first two days of Passover, I’m taking the Eurostar from London to Paris, and getting up Monday morning to take another train to Mannheim, Germany where my good friend will meet me. On Tuesday, she will drive with me to Gedern where we will meet Mr. Bartikowski at the Tourist Office at noon.

I’ll update you with what happens then!


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