Tracing German Roots

Last week, I emailed the Gedern Tourism Board with the following query:


I am sorry I don’t speak much German.

I have recently discovered that I am a direct descendent of the Zimmermanns in the Ober-Seemen Jewish Cemetery in Gedern.

I am wondering if there is a society with which I can connect to get more information? Is there a local Jewish expert?

Also, I have friends in Baden-Wurtemburg whom I plan to visit in March or April; at that time I would like to make a visit to Ober-Seemen and see what further discoveries can be made. I would likely be able to do this with someone who can translate for me.

Thank you so much for any information you may have, I appreciate the region’s efforts to preserve Jewish history.


Heather Munro

Yesterday, I received the following response:

Dear Mrs Munro

We are pleased to help you in this matter. Indeed, there is somebody who is kind of an expert in Jewish issues.

His name is Mr. Horst Bartikowski, our archivist and he is living in Ober-Seemen. We already sent him your translated email as he cannot understand much English.
He certainly will start his investigations promptly and will contact us shortly.

As soon as we get his answer, we will translate it for you directly.

If you will visit Ober-Seemen without any translator, please contact us beforehand as we surely may place somebody at your disposal.

We hope we can be of assistance to you.

Yours sincerely,
Miriam Gries

I will be journeying to Ober-Seemen in April 2015, g-d willing, and I will write further updates then.


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