Levy (Lesky) Zimmermann

Born around 1844 in Ober-Seemen, Gedern, Wetteraukreis, Hesse, Germany, to Natan Zimmermann.* Married Sophie in 1866 in Germany. Arrived in 1884, according to the 1910 U.S. Federal Census. Children:

  • Jennie (1879)
  • Kaufman (1881, Ober-Seemen)
  • Hannah (1889, New York City)

In 1910 (according to the U.S. Federal Census), he, by then a widower, Kaufman, and Hannah were living in the Bronx, with Jennie and her husband, Nathan, and their two children. The household also had a live-in servant, Minnie Rosenbach (age 19), listed in the census as born in “Hungary Slovak”. Died 28 February 1915 (age 74) in New York City. Yahrzeit Info: 14 Adar 5675, Levi bar Natan   *There is a chance that Sophie was actually Sophie Zimmermann, as well, and therefore she was Koppel’s sister, rather than Levy being Koppel’s brother. However, Koppel was the brother of either Levy or Sophie, and so until further information is provided, I will assume that Koppel and Levy were brothers.


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